[Our Calendar]

Our 2023 walking program

We are excited to publish our new walk calendar for Summer and Autumn 2023. There are plenty of great walks planned. Please have a look at the calendar. Members will be emailed details of walk leaders. 

Members should complete the EOI  form to notify the walk leader of their intention to join a walk. Members can also contact the Walks Leader directly via text or phone. 

Non-members can complete a visitor's pass form. 

Activities Calendar

Please note that our walks are subject to change if the weather is unfavourable or there is a change in the walk leader's availability.  This calendar is updated regularly, but please check out our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute variations.  Members and registered walkers will be emailed. Before you join a walk, have a look at the track grading and decide if it matches your fitness and experience.  You can read about the Club's track grading system here. 

This calendar also includes details on our social activities and meetings.