Whether you're passing through or have permanent roots in Armidale, you are welcome to join our walks. 

Interested in joining?

Want to walk in a beautiful part of the world and meet new people? We offer a wide range of walks all year round. (Yes, even in the dead of the Armidale winter!) 

Our walking calendar is varied and includes

You should choose walks appropriate to your level of fitness and experience. We ask that your first walk with us is a day walk so we can get to know you and vice-versa. You can read about track grades here

Visitor's Pass

Only in Armidale for a short time? You can join us for a one-off day walk while you're here. 

A visitor's pass is also available for friends and family of current members and is only $10 per person. 

Register your interest in a one-off day walk by completing this form.  Our walks coordinator will call you to arrange the details. 

If you visit Armidale frequently, an ongoing membership might be more suitable.

Ongoing membership

Like what you see? If you're the sort of person who likes to go on frequent bush walks in the company of others, join up for our annual membership. Members can join our social events, lead walks and attend our quarterly meetings. 

It's only $30! Additional members from the same family are $20 per person

A bargain for incredible scenery and convivial companions!  

Getting there

We carpool whenever possible.  All walkers are asked to contribute to the driver to help cover fuel costs.  We have been working on an easy system to calculate how much you should pay for fuel costs when you travel with another walker to the trailhead.

Here's how it works...

1. The transport costs for each walk will now be published in the walks program.  It will be easy for you to see how much it will cost and prepare in advance.

2. Please pay in cash to the walk leader at the beginning of the walk at the nominated meeting place. (Correct amount only as the leader will not be providing change)

3. Please discuss costs with the walk leader before the walk.

4. The collected funds will then be distributed amongst the drivers.